Biophonic Beats EPK

New Release: Biophonic Beats by Melissa Grey & David Morneau

Composed and performed by Melissa Grey & David Morneau, Biophonic Beats is a structured improvisation for benjolin synthesizer and trombone.

Biophonic Beats was recorded live on June 25, 2018, at Flower Cat HQ in New York City for Ao Vivo no Casarão | Lado B (a music-documentary series that shows independent musicians performing live in unexpected places.) Ao Vivo no Casarão was conceived by Cristina Müller, Giuliano Rossi and Yuri Tavares.

released July 15, 2021, on Flower Cat

Biophonic Beats cover art based on photo by Yuri Pires Tavares

Melissa Grey & David Morneau perform Biophonic Beats

Melissa Grey & David Morneau perform Biophonic Beats. Photo by Yuri Pires Tavares.