Symbolic Gesture EPK

Symbolic Gesture (EPK)

(.wav,.mp3, hi-res images, one-sheet)

Symbolic Gesture
Melissa Grey & David Morneau

(1) Aura 3’0
(2) Corona 3’0
(3) Kirlian 4’0
(4) [again] 2’0
(5) Shekinah 4’0

Flower Cat (FC007)
November 21, 2020
UPC 195269080266

Symbolic Gesture is electro-baroque refracted through the elemental eurhythmy of foundational beat patterns, with benjolin synthesizer, trombone, violins, chiptune, voices, and hyperlocal field recordings.

Symbolic Gesture is a sonic response to Dan Rose’s False Heads, Masks, and Robots (an exhibition produced by Melissa Grey & David Morneau at The Arches, a home designed by the architect William Lightfoot Price, October 2—November 16, 2020).

composition, sound design, programming, instruments
Melissa Grey & David Morneau

words, voice
Dan Rose

violins on Kirlian
Miolina (Mioi Takeda & Lynn Bechtold)

mixed and mastered
Melissa Grey & David Morneau at The Arches


produced by Melissa Grey & David Morneau


Kirlian [official music video]


photo by Yuri Pires Tavares

Melissa Grey & David Morneau are composer-producers who design music for the human brain, informed by elemental themes: time, space, nature, language, dance.

self portrait by Dan Rose

Dan Rose, an anthropologist, artist, and author has written books and articles, exhibited art, and collaborated with designers, musicians, and photographers. His 2018 book, Drawings, received a Judge’s Choice award from AIGA Philadelphia’s Design Awards.

photo by Nicolai Vesthammer FV

Violin duo Miolina, a member of NewMusicUSA’s Impact Cohort, has been called “talented and dedicated” by Arts Birmingham, and described as displaying “aggressive and virtuosic prowess” with “brilliance of sound, technical mastery, and stunning expressivity” by I CARE IF YOU LISTEN. Keen on creating and shaping the violin duo repertoire of the 21st century, Miolina has premiered 50+ violin duos to date. They’ve performed successful shows in NYC, Chicago, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Malmö, San Francisco, Washington DC, Paris, and Tokyo. Miolina participates regularly in numerous festivals, residencies, and series, and leads workshops with students at various universities.