“a delightful romp through a completely unique sonic world…wholly original”
The Clarinet [Online]

“shows technical mastery… exudes fun… imaginative”

“An epic…a rollercoaster rush.”
The Answer Is In The Beat

DR DIEGO bursts into bloom from the seeds of classic deep house, disco, chiptunes, and baroque organ music.

Diego Vásquez’s bass clarinet and Melissa Grey & David Morneau’s vintage handheld synthesizers swoop and spin and soar like reflections from a mirror ball until they metamorphose into a pulsating processional that pulls us out the door and into the vibrant sunshine.

Bass Clarinet
Dr. Diego (Diego Vásquez)

Merlin Music Machine
Melissa Grey

Nintendo Game Boy
David Morneau

additional clarinets, recording
Diego Vásquez

composition, sound design, programming, additional instruments, mixing, mastering
Melissa Grey & David Morneau

produced by Melissa Grey & David Morneau

photo by Yuti Chang

Diego Vásquez is a clarinetist-dancer who approaches all his music making from a deep connection with the body.

Diego is Principal Clarinet of Berkshire Opera Festival (MA) and Norwalk Symphony (CT), and performs regularly with regional orchestras in New England.

Diego attended the Lucerne Festival Academy (CH) as a clarinetist in 2016 and as a dancer-mime soloist in 2017-18 for Stockhausen’s INORI. In 2019, he performed Stockhausen’s UVERSA [basset-horn, electronics] at Zelyonka Space Up, Ukraine’s largest modern dance festival.